With Covid-19 dominating our lives it is important to remember to look after our health on all fronts. A number of patients have one or more health issues and it is important to look after and monitor these during this crisis. Skin Cancer is no exception.  Some cancers can develop and grow  and some may be potentially fatal if diagnosis is missed or delayed
Skintech provides an ESSENTIAL SERVICE  for diagnosis , treatment  of skin cancers , and  the ongoing care of our patients who are affected by what is the most common cancer in Australia.
During this pandemic Skintech has an essential role in our health system.

This role includes but is not restricted to:
~The diagnosis of melanoma , high risk SCCs (Squamous Cell Carcinoma), rarities like dermal sarcoma or Merkel cell carcinoma
~Surgical treatment
~Post operative care

It is important to treat such lesions promptly  as delay can have potentially significant harmful and long lasting impact. Delay  in treatment may have a significant personal impact on the patient but also impact the costs to the healthcare system and wider community especially once we get through this pandemic.

Scheduled skin checks for HIGH RISK patients shall be continued at Skintech. Socially distanced triage of new and/or growing lesions can be performed  and to access this please call us on 08  7078 2267. A telemedicine consult with a doctor can be arranged if necessary  and bulk billed. However clinical management by surgical excision and histological assessment remains vital and essential.

If you have a new lesion of concern , a new pigmented lesion , something elevated firm and growing  or a lesion in an unusual location please contact our rooms to discuss options for assessment.

During this pandemic  our dedicated rooms provide  a low risk clinical environment as ”sick or unwell patients” are not trafficking through. Nevertheless  a sceening assessment will occur and we ask that you do not come to the rooms if you have a fever or any symptoms as listed on our Covid 19 Alert, or are in self isolation.

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