What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a non-contagious skin condition which appears as a rash or recurring flush on the face – the cheeks, forehead, skin and nose. It is characterised by erythema (inflammation), pustules (small pus-filled bumps), telangiectasia (broken or dilated capillaries), and oedema (swelling) or a combination of these. People can also experience flushing, stinging, pain or burning sensations on their skin.
The condition can often be mistaken for acne, eczema or other skin problems and can flare up for weeks or months, disappear and then return again.

Although rosacea can affect people of all ages, it appears to be most common in people over 30. It is more frequently diagnosed in women, but symptoms can be more severe in men. It can have a debilitating effect on people’s confidence and in a report done by the National Rosacea Society (NRS), nearly 90 percent of people experiencing rosacea said the condition had lowered their self-confidence and 41 percent reported it had caused them to avoid public contact or cancel social engagements.

Therefore, you are not alone in feeling frustrated and wondering if there is any relief from this persistent and recurring condition.Even though there is no actual known cure for rosacea, the good news is there are treatments available here at Skintech Medical to soothe and alleviate the symptoms.

What causes Rosacea?

The cause of rosacea is still unknown but certain activities or foods can trigger an episode of rosacea or worsen the symptoms. You may find that one or more of the following can cause a flare up.

  • Too much sun exposure
  • Hot weather
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Hot drinks such as coffee and tea
  • Hot and spicy foods
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Overheating the body (especially during sleep)
  • Hot baths
  • Some skincare products or medications

Symptoms of Rosacea

The signs and symptoms of rosacea can vary from one person to another and can be one or more of the following:

  • Enlarged capillaries
  • Permanent flush or inflammation
  • Pustules on the skin
  • Swelling in the cheeks or nose
  • A burning or stinging sensation on the skin
  • A general rash that persists, can go away and come back for no apparent reason
  • Frequent blushing – people who have Rosacea may have a history of blushing easily
  • Red and irritated eyes and swollen eyelids

How we help alleviate the symptoms of Rosacea at Skintech Medical

After an extensive assessment of your skin, and because the symptoms of Rosacea are so variable between one person and another, we would recommend a treatment plan which includes one of the following treatments.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment may be used to reduce and remove visible blood vessels, and through resurfacing to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin network.


Micro-needling treatments work by stimulating collagen production in the dermal layer of your skin which in turn strengthens both the dermal and epidermal layers. This means that the skin is more resistant to the triggers that cause the redness and flushing associated with rosacea. Over time Dermapen treatments will also reduce the thick, rough, and bumpy texture that some forms of rosacea produce.

LED Low Level Light Therapy

LED low level light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that targets various skin conditions including inflammation associated with rosacea. Red + Infrared light can be used for skin rejuvenation, tissue repair, to reduce inflammation and improve healing.

Skin Care

Skin care is an essential element to all skin health, but when you have rosacea, many skin care products and cosmetics can irritate your skin. While a gentle cleanser, moisturiser, and sun protection can help reduce the sensitive nature of your skin, you need to choose your skin care and makeup products carefully.

Skin with rosacea needs to be protected from sun exposure, and this can be a challenge because the chemicals or constituents of sunscreens may irritate the skin further. Sunscreens with Zinc oxide or Titanium dioxide (or both), no fragrance and UVA/UVB protection with SPF of 30 or higher are better options. Avoid any skincare products that sting, burn or cause additional redness.

Make an appointment at Skintech Medical

The signs and symptoms of rosacea vary from one patient to another, therefore treatment is tailored for each individual person. In consultation with your doctor and nurse at Skintech Medical, we will provide a specialised treatment plan to help bring your condition under control and reduce the signs and symptoms of rosacea on your skin.

We can also help you identify a range of skincare products and cosmeceuticals to help protect and calm your skin.

Make an appointment with one of our skin nurses or doctors and begin a treatment plan to ease symptoms of rosacea.

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