Your Skin. Our Medical Expertise.

Whether your require treatment for natural blemishes and ageing or scars resulting from surgeries, our doctors can assist. We only use medically proven products and rapid recovery skin therapies. Talk to our friendly team for more information.

Skin Cancer Checks

With extended skin cancer training through the Skin Cancer College of Australasia our doctors are here to accurately diagnose any areas of concern. We rely on our years of experience along with the latest in technology. Following diagnosis our friendly staff are equipped to monitor, record, and treat areas of concern.

Laser Blemish Removal

Our K-Laser Blue skin laser utilizes 3 different wavelengths of light to interact with tissues at various level within the skin. It allows specific targeting of problem areas. This technology allows us to treat many different skin conditions with accuracy, minimising tissue disruption and recovery.

  • skin tags
  • vascular lesions
  • rosacea
  • mole + pigmented lesions
  • omychomycosis
  • non-ablative fractional resurfacing

Scar Treatment

Using our K Laser Blue or with micro needling techniques we can treat scars through the remodeling of the skin surface as well as debulking excessive skin. In most cases we can radically reduce the noticeable appearance of the scar, while in specific circumstance the scar may be removed completely. Treatable scars include those resulting from acne, burns, trauma, or surgery.

Micro Needle Rejuvenation

Our Dermapen is an advancement in micro needling technology, it systematically creates micro-punctures, inducing the body’s natural process to repair the physical damage of the skin. This promotes intense renewal, repair and rejuvenation of the skin, resulting in improved skin texture, radiance, and appearance.

Anti-Aging Treatments

We can help with facial lines and wrinkles that occur as part of the natural ageing process and sun exposure. If you are thinking your gorgeous natural self is looking a little tired and in need of some smoothing, then anti-wrinkle injections may be just the thing to give you a little boost.